The purpose of the Greatness Is Designed podcast is to give listeners insights into BrassRock methodologies, hear some great stories from successful business owners just like them and acquire key takeaways that they can implement in their business.  Happy listening! 

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Season 1 Episode 2: Hockey and Organizational Design

All well-designed businesses have one core concept in common, the organizational structure is built to reflect the future growth of those businesses.  In this episode, we venture to explain this concept by comparing organizational design to hockey.  Our guest is Bob Loucks, an expert on the topic of building hockey teams.

Season 1 Episode 1: Long Term Sales

One component of strategy is sales.  This episode discusses the often overlooked yet highly important component of all sales strategies.  We call it the ATE principle; Authenticity, Trust and Experience. Our guest is Dann Kepford of Nexgen Financial Inc. executes this strategy every day and has built a dedicated clientele based on it.

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