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BrassRock Consulting Sacha Alimchandani


Sacha Alimchandani, MBA - Managing Director


Sacha Alimchandani started BrassRock Consulting Inc. as his experience has shown him that; typically, management consultants are geared towards working with large multinational corporations.  When these consultants try to work for mid sized or smaller companies, they try to apply the same principals in the same way.  While one can apply management disciplines for large organizations to mid and small organizations, the way you apply these principles is different.  This is the fundamental difference between BrassRock Consulting Inc. and other management consulting firms.  We understand large organizations have a multitude of resources to apply to different business issues.  Small and mid sized organizations simply do not have the same amount of resources. Sacha built BrassRock Consulting Inc. to address this issue.



Sacha has over 20 years of experience in the fields of management consulting and corporate finance targeted specifically to the high growth small and mid sized business market.  


Sacha's consulting background is composed of working with consulting firms as well as working directly with many large, mid and small sized businesses. In these engagements Sacha's has had the opportunity to be involved in both a business advisory and CFO capacity. Experiences include but are not limited to:


  • Executing strategic growth plans either organically or through acquisition

    • Includes aiding companies growing both nationally and internationally

    • Diversifying companies across multiple industries

    • Reshaping marketing messages to better align with target markets resulting in improved customer experiences and increased customer sales

  • Defining and converting employees into leaders within organizations

  • Harnessing companies cultures and devising ways to strategically grow and embed cultures within companies

  • Completing mergers and acquisitions including identifying targets, structuring transactions, raising capital and addressing post close integration risk

  • Raising capital through traditional financing as well as alternative financing including mezzanine debt, subordinated debt, syndicated debt, convertible debt and private equity  

  • Enhancing profitability of organizations through executing divisional profitability analysis, product line performance, and reviewing overall efficiency of organizations


Sacha’s rich and deep corporate finance background is composed from working with groups such as General Electric's Energy Financial Services division, managing a $1B portfolio and RoyNat Capital, lending term, subordinated, and mezzanine debt well in excess of $140MM.


Sacha earned his MBA from the Rotman School of Management, The University of Toronto; ranked top 20 business schools by the Financial Times. Sacha further received certification in Rotman's signature business design course; Integrative Thinking.


To contact Sacha directly email him at


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