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BrassRock Consulting Sacha Alimchandani


March 2024 - Corporate Transaction Announcement: Raptor Group of Companies

BrassRock Consulting Inc acted as business and financial adviser to the shareholders of the Raptor Group of Companies on its sale to Secure Energy Services Inc.

The Raptor Group of Companies offers industry-leading chemical solutions for the energy sector headquartered in Calgary, Alberta and servicing North America.

Secure Energy Services is a leading environmental and energy infrastructure business headquartered in Calgary, Alberta with an infrastructure network located throughout western Canada and North Dakota which includes waste processing and transfer facilities, industrial landfills, metal recycling facilities, crude oil and water gathering pipelines, crude oil terminals and storage facilities. 

BrassRock Consulting Inc is a business consultancy focusing on aiding companies desiring to grow or to devise and complete a succession planning strategy. BrassRock's clients success is due to BrassRock leveraging management consulting and CFO services with the sole purpose of providing

clients clarity in their business. 

BrassRock Consulting Raptor

August 2022 - Corporate Transaction Announcement: Inc.

BrassRock Consulting Inc acted as mediator and business adviser to the shareholders on the partial Management Buy Out of Inc. Inc is an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) based in Calgary, Alberta offering essential IT solutions that create significant improvements without implementing unnecessary hardware, software, or services.

Their service model is designed around identifying and resolving issues in the shortest time possible, while preventing them from reoccurring. Inc reinforces these objectives through an unlimited support contract.

BrassRock Consulting syscal

March 2020 - Corporate Transaction Announcement: Machinery Supply Inc.

BrassRock Consulting Inc acted as financial and business adviser to the shareholders of Machinery Supply Inc. on its sale to Power Equipment Company.


Machinery Supply Inc is the premier provider in supplying rock crushing equipment and parts for sale and for rent in Western Canada. Machinery Supply Inc is located in Airdrie, Alberta.


Power Equipment Company has provided powerful heavy equipment sales and rental solutions for owners and operators in the aggregate, construction, crane, and paving & compaction industries since 1936. Power Equipment Company has eight branch locations across Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, & Missouri.

BrassRock Consulting advises on the sale of Marchiner Supply

November 2018 - BrassRock 2018 Ads

BrassRock's core purpose is to aid business owners in finding clarity in their business.  With this level of clarity, our clients are able to continuously make the correct and clear decisions for their business in a quick fashion.  This clarity is achieved by taking a holistic approach of investigating and improving all parts of the business; these parts being Strategy, Finance, Capital, Leadership, Organizational Structure, and Culture.  By knowing all these parts, our clients’ business decisions and direction are clear and robust at all times.  

BrassRock Consulting Strategy
BrassRock Consulting Strategy

May 2017 - BrassRock Consulting Presents at the Calgary Chamber REV Conference

Sacha Alimchandani is very pleased to be given the opportunity to speak about his passion in aiding companies scale for growth or handle succession planning at the Calgary Chamber REV conference.  The presentation is titled Measuring Your Success: Tying your strategy to a financial picture.

This is an interactive presentation where Sacha delves into the topics of how to measure your business’s success, alternative ways to compose your forecasts and explains key performance indicators that can help you in measuring your business’s health.

BrassRock Calgary Chamber

October 2016 - BrassRock Consulting to Speak at RBC Tech Talks


Sacha Alimchandani is both humbled and honored to be invited to speak at RBC Tech Talks on the topic of Scaling for Growth for small to mid-sized businesses. The talk will focus primarily on Strategy and Capital but through conversation will dig deeper into the areas of Culture and Leadership.  ​​

BrassRock RBC TechTalks.jpg

May 2016 - BrassRock Consulting to Present at the Calgary Chamber Resiliency Workshop

During a period of volatility in the Calgary market, the Calgary Chamber has created a Business Resilience Workshop for its members. The goal being to better prepare business members in managing their business in these volatile times.  Sacha Alimchandani is both thankful and grateful to have the opportunity to teach about his passion for business design in this series.   Topics covered will be:

1.  The best ways to measure your financial success
2.  Indicators of financial trouble
3.  Turnaround plans
4. The decisions you can make today to strengthen your company for years to come

BrassRock Calgary Chamber

February 2016 - BrassRock Consulting Celebrates a Birthday with Reflection

Below is an article compose by us on our thoughts of the year 2015


Today happens to be BrassRock's birthday. When we reflect over the course of the last year a deep sense of pride comes over us. 


Firstly, we are proud of our clients. All of our clients hit major milestones in 2015. Whether it be scaling for growth, executing your succession plan, completing an acquisition or executing on a divestiture, you all did it! To our clients we say thank you for letting us share in your growth. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us and you are the reason we excel every day.


To the friends and partners of BrassRock, who have recommended your clients and peers to our firm, thank you. We would not have grown at the pace we did in 2015 without your support. 


We greatly look forward to 2016. Working collectively with our clients, friends, and partners we will thrive. 


Sacha Alimchandani is Managing Director for BrassRock Consulting Inc. BrassRock Consulting Inc. is a management consulting and business design firm focused on aiding companies through scaling for growth and succession planning. We believe our goals are our clients’ goals; we succeed because our clients succeed.

June 2015 - BrassRock Consulting Considers Key Performance Indicators

Below is an article compose by us on the value of Key Performance Indicators


The Ultimate KPI (Key Performance Indicator)


Disclaimer: This article contains shameless self-promotion;  but I can’t explain my point without doing it.


KPIs, otherwise known as Key Performance Indicators, are measures of business performance. The usage of KPIs is to communicate detailed information in a succinct fashion. 


There are 3 types of KPIs.  Core, Growth, and Ultimate. Core and growth are the most used; however, it is not uncommon that people mix them up.  An Ultimate KPI is almost never used or it is used but people don’t realize the value of it.


Core KPIs 


These are fundamental business KPIs. You know them, you have used them.  They are very common.  These are calculations such as working capital, leverage ratio, inventory turnover, A/R turnover, etc.  Sound familiar?  It is because these basic calculations tell you the health of your business.  Further, these measures are communicated to external parties such as banks and investors. 


Growth KPIs


Growth KPIs are measures of your business plan for the year.  Growth KPIs determine where you want to go and apply math to give baby steps to measure execution of this year’s plan.  For example, sales departments measure the number of calls, the number of meetings, the number of prospects and number of clients.  Why measure calls, meetings, prospects and clients as opposed to just measuring clients?  Simple, without measuring calls, meetings, etc. you will never know if you are on the path to getting new clients. 


Ultimate KPI


The ultimate KPI is a single unit of measure that reports succinctly that you are giving your clients’ value.  For example, at BrassRock Consulting Inc., our number one focus is to get companies to scale for growth or to successfully transition their business; both value creation exercises.  We work with clients on designing and executing the process.  How do we know that we created value?  How do we know they don’t look back at the experience and think they could have done it without us? How do we know they will refer another client to us?  Simple.  “Thank you”.  We focus solely on getting thank you letters.  In the middle of a client engagement and after a client engagement; we are obsessed with thank you letters. 


Why are thank you letters so important?  It was something the Principal of BrassRock Consulting Inc. stumbled upon throughout his consulting and corporate finance career.  Throughout his career he has received letters, emails, and gifts; all basically saying the same thing, “Thank you”.  And the thank yous are not simple thank yous; they are meaningful messages that state he understood what his clients were trying to achieve and he helped them obtain their goal.  Essentially, he was focusing on giving value.


While working capital, number of sales calls, % gross margin are all important; none of these measures help you sleep at night.  What helps you sleep at night is knowing you have given clients value, therefore, referring business is highly probable.


But we are not the only ones with ultimate KPIs.  While we can’t disclose our clients’ examples, let’s look at retail.  Customer loyalty and points cards are doing the exact same thing.  They are tracking how often repeat customers are coming back; if repeat customer numbers are up, great, if they are down, you have a problem.  Similarly, the reason customer service follow up calls for business to business companies, cell phone companies, banks, home carpet installation companies, etc. occur is because the provider wants to make sure you are happy, you believe you got value and you think positively of them.


The point of this article is to challenge you to consider your Ultimate KPI; how are you creating and measuring value in your business, your career and your current position.


Sacha Alimchandani is Managing Director for BrassRock Consulting Inc. Sacha has 15 years’ experience in advising companies focused on scaling for growth, aiding companies through succession planning and raising capital for companies.


BrassRock Consulting Inc. is a privately based Alberta consulting firm focused on Business Design. We believe our goals are our clients’ goals; we succeed because our clients succeed.


June 2015 - BrassRock Consulting helps people understand financing

Below is an article we wrote to aid readers in understanding the concept of financing. 


How familiar is this story? You go to a bank, tell them you want a loan for the business and they tell you they will look into it once you give some information.  You are diligent, give them your financial statements and a write up of the future.  Now, you eagerly wait. The bank calls you after their review and tells you, “While we appreciate the opportunity, we cannot give you a loan at this time.  Please consider us again in 2 years.”

Obviously, this response upsets you.  The first thing you need to do is relax and review the below points.


1. Not All Banks Are Built The Same

Realize that just like your business, not all banks are the same.  At certain points in the year, banks have certain products and target markets they are after.  You may not fit in their current target market today.  


2. You’re Not My Type

It may very well be that your business is riskier than the respective bank is interested in lending to. 

But what does this mean?  The term risk needs to be defined.  Risk could mean you have a good business you may not have enough security i.e. equipment and real estate in the business to justify the loan.  Alternatively, risk could mean the bank has lent too much in your respective industry and therefore can’t give any new loans.  Finally, risk could mean the future of your business is unclear to the bank resulting in the bank unable to give you a loan. In all cases, you have to dig and understand clearly why the bank is saying you are riskier. 


 3. To Win A Race You Need Not Only Endurance But Strength

If you determine your business is riskier in nature than think about this.  The human body and a business are really the same in a lot of ways.  Just like training for a race endurance is important but strength is arguably more important.  In business, to remain competitive strength is illustrated from the balance sheet.  Endurance is illustrated from the income statement.  Incomes statements show you how fast you are growing, but the balance sheet shows your ability to retain the cash and grow successfully. When a bank tells you to come back in 2 years it could be they believe in the growth story but they question whether your company i.e. the balance sheet can support the growth.


The big lesson to take from this post is firstly, don’t get discouraged.  Not all banks are the same and another one may say yes to your loan.  Secondly, understand the risks in your business. Be realistic about the probabilities of success in the future.  Finally, if you or the bank is concerned about the strength of your balance sheet and whether it can fuel the growth of the business think about alternatives.  There are other options such as raising capital from equity sources or growing slower.


To clearly understand your options you need to know your business plan and how it ties into your forecasts and financial statements. 


Sacha Alimchandani is Managing Director for BrassRock Consulting Inc. Sacha has 15 years’ experience in advising companies focused on scaling for growth, aiding companies through succession planning and raising capital for companies.


BrassRock Consulting Inc. is a privately based Alberta consulting firm focused on Business Design. We believe our goals are our clients’ goals; we succeed because our clients succeed.


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